Calling all national teams, can you help support and sustain the Masters and Veterans World Cup?

  • Date: February 3, 2022
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Calling all national teams, can you help support and sustain the Masters and Veterans World Cup?

Every year for a decade, the sheer enthusiasm, passion, dedication and resolve of a family of Inline hockey players, managers, volunteers and fans come together and celebrate the game in honour of the old boys.  The dads (and sometimes mums as well), coaches, managers and lovers of inline come together and put themselves back on the line, in a display of skill and experience that can not quite be replicated at the younger levels. This has developed into such an event that few could have predicted 10 years ago when we first dipped our old wheels back on the rink again.

So here we are now with a prestigious event, truly global in nature, and an epic hockey competition. The amazing fact is that all this is sustained with pure goodwill, favours, borrowing and begging, on the most minimal of budget to put together an emerging rival to some far bigger hockey tournaments. So, in order to deliver ever more value to a growing world wide audience, the Media team at MIHWA, led by committee member Pete Wirt, and producer Aldo Berardi, are calling for volunteer interns to help us in 2021. So many teams bring family, friends, management and backroom staff who all support the players in their fight for the cup. We are looking for some teams to bring along one or two, either of the already existing support team, or additional members, to help us deliver the games worldwide. OK, we are not the BBC, Eurosport or Sky, but I think we can do great justice to our coverage of the games in 2021. In addition to being a part of this spectacular event, you would also enjoy a valuable experience for career development, especially for young people in further or higher education, or aspiring to work in media, events, production and management. We have specific roles to apply for, and are more than happy to take on as many as we can get our hands on. Financially we can not afford much, but you will sharing benefits enjoyed by all the volunteers, such as unique branded clothes/uniform, access to VIP areas, tickets to special events and allowance for meals where appropriate. It's the best we can offer, but the real offer is the chance to be a part of something really special, and support a huge global sports event. So will you help? We have the following positions needing to be filled:

Four or five camera assistants:  You would be expected to operate the main or supplemental cameras for both rinks on a rota basis. Help set up and maintain cameras, cables, batteries, adjust angles, and mainly professionally follow play on main cameras, and operate interview cameras and roving reports.

Two or three production assistants: You are needed to create the interface for the broadcast. Some familiarity with Youtube live broadcasting and digital video production would be really helpful. Live camera switching, graphic display software for scores, headlines, advertising logos, timekeeping and instant replay, maintenance of broadband internet connexions, and monitoring of digital rights. You dont need to be an expert, but if you know a little bit its a massive help.

Four or five media assistants: Fancy yourself as a sports journalist? I need support in keeping scores and stats accurate for broadcast, and to enter results, stories, news and other time sensitive info onto the website, youtube, twitter etc. You would be writing copy for the website, getting quotes from players, mangers, fans etc.  and sending professionally well written messages out to the world on all platforms. Someone with strong written and spoken English, but also multilingual!  Experience with website input and maintenance would help as well. I also need one to be a personal assistant, to help coordinate interviews, run information from teams and the chrono box, some commentary if you fancy it!

Any experience you bring is great, but I will happily take anyone, at any age old or young, who has enthusiasm to learn and support us in our challenge. Contact me directly if you have any questions (, and coordinate with your team manager how you may join your team, and be apart of our team to broadcast the best hockey event of all to the world!






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