MIHWA and PGKA team up to innovate Inline

  • Date: April 10, 2022
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MIHWA and PGKA team up to innovate Inline

Fantastic new collaboration between leading innovators in the development of Inline Hockey on the international scene.

Pama Golden Knights Academy (PGKA) and the Masters Inline Hockey World Association (MIHWA) are collaborating together to further push the development and innovation in the sport of Inline and Roller Hockey on a global scale.  PGKA are already a world leading organisation involved with delivering inline hockey coaching camps, development programmes, coaching and managing amateur and professional sports teams.  PGKA continue to grow and expand their good works, which include activities such as delivering free opportunities to those with limited access to sport, and coaching development for those heroes who are making the time to deliver these camps all over the world. Just look at the emerging markets in Africa, and the work done in Namibia to make it the strongest team on that continent, recently well represented at the World Skate Inline Hockey Championships.  PGKA have just agreed to collaborate over the next three years, and beyond, with MIHWA in order to further support this initiative.  MIHWA is now responsible for delivering one of the premier international inline hockey events on the globe.  The Masters, Veterans and Legends World Cups bring together the very best inline players in the world at over 38 years to compete again at top level. These great players and former legends of the game are now, of course, the coaches, team managers, regional chairs and inline development officers in all their respective home organisations.   This represents an unmissable opportunity to gather the best minds in this sport together every year and share the best practice, learn, grow, play and celebrate our sport together.  The plan includes holding an annual inline hockey development conference, where experts and innovators in the world of sports coaching, leadership, refereeing, sports events planning etc can all gather to further our mutual goals of building awareness and excellence in our sport, and sports in general.  Entitled: "Together In-Line: A development plan for Inline Hockey", This will coincide with the MIHWA games annually, which is the perfect opportunity to capture the best of the worlds inline hockey leaders, and hopefully achieve our goals to improve the quality of our game from grassroots, to professional, international and everything in between.  Additionally, with all these elite players and coaches on hand, the host location will benefit from children’s coaching masterclasses and camps, run by the world's best at the highest level.  This is such a “Golden” opportunity, and a wonderful incentive for the host of this amazing event.  MIHWA and PGKA are delighted to announce this collaboration, and are looking forward tremendously to reinvigorating our sport after years of being held back by the pandemic situation.  The first conference is set to open up the 2022 games in Brunico / Bruneck, at the triumphant return to competition for the Masters and Veterans, and the opening games for the Legends as well.  The brand new Intercable Arena will be the stage for this grand and ambitious event in the stunning Dolomiti mountains of northern Italy.  All who have an interest in the sport of inline and roller hockey, sports development, coaching and leadership are welcome to join us in celebration and competition.  Conference and competitions run from 26th May to 5th June 2022, and will be live streamed on the MIHWA Youtube channel.  We look forward to welcoming the world.






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