Special communication to all National Federation managers: From MIHWA
Regarding accommodations in Brunico/Bruneck for Masters WC 2022.

Dear friends in hockey,

We are glad to have so much support from all national federations so far in our efforts to bring together this long awaited world championships. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. A special note of appreciation to Stefan Zisser, who has worked tirelessly to speak personally with almost every hotel manager in the region. Using his considerable background in the industry, he has been able to coordinate some fantastic value in every hotel that we have partnered with. Today we want to communicate everything we know to all of you, so each nation can make the best decision for their needs throughout your stay at the games. We respectfully ask you to consider the following points when you make your accommodation requests:

Point number one: MIHWA has made a partnership with each hotel on offer exclusive to participants in the MIHWA World Cups. This special deal guarantees us a special rate from each hotel, and for each bed we reserve. This allows us to support the cost of the tournament, and to organise accommodation that can handle such large numbers. Please be aware that Brunico/Bruneck is a small, but exclusive alpine city in the touristic region of the Dolomites. The accommodation is in traditional alpine village styles, which features small hotels with traditional feel. There has been great effort to include a range of budget, middle, and higher end accommodation. So, for us to ensure your team stays together, and receives the best value, please communicate your requests to Stefan Zisser (Accommodation Logistics Manager) through ONE representative from each nation. For example, some hotels have limited beds available, so we will do our best to ensure your national team will stay together, but we must avoid information overload and duplication.

Point number two: Cost of hotels and the distance to travel from the arena. MIHWA are all players, and we are all familiar with the cost of traveling to such a tournament. We understand there is an ideal budget for every team and every player. great effort is being made to do our best to keep the costs minimum. If you wish to have a hotel that is within walking distance to the arena, or in the centre of the beautiful city, you can naturally expect the costs to rise. If however, your team is arriving with your own transport, and you can arrange travel comfortably, then you may choose a lower cost venue which is further from the arena. When you communicate to Stefan your preference, please indicate clearly what transport you have available. The size of your teams and number of beds available in each hotel will also be a factor, so please allow Stefan and MIHWA make the best fit for your team, and all efforts will be made to match your requests. To help this process, and to achieve best value, please avoid single occupancy rooms wherever possible.

Point number three: Meals. The Intercable Arena has a large restaurant and bar area with unrestricted views of both rinks. We have made an exclusive deal with the arena to provide meals every day to all players and teams. This is an important part of the financing of the whole games, and goes towards paying the cost of this outstanding venue. MIHWA is asking for all teams and players to take at least one meal per day in the arena, using our voucher system. Without this offer, the venue would just be too costly, so this is essential for our business plan. For other meals, each hotel has made an special offer through MIHWA, so please let Stefan know your preference when you make your request. Many of the hotel offers can include breakfast, or other meals for a discounted cost. Some hotels have top restaurants and bistros attached, so it is not possible to make such an arrangement. You will never be short of choice in this stunning city in the mountains, and you will find food for every appetite. This offer will also include a traditional closing celebration party, usually a large BBQ style event, to celebrate the closing of the tournament and say one last farewell to old friends and new.

We hope you understand and can work with us to make sure each player, and every team is satisfied with their package. This is nearly an impossible job, but we have the best person for this task, who asks for nothing in return but your help in making your requests the best result for everyone. Thank you all for your continuing support, and we cannot wait to see you all again in competition, and in friendship, together in Italy very soon!



1.1 Eligibility of Teams and Players: Masters & Veterans World Cup is opened to any Team of a National Federation affiliated with the WORLD SKATE provided that this National Federation gives permission to attend. Each player in Masters Cup has to be born in 1983 or before, and for Veterans Cup each player has to be born in 1976 or before.

1.2 Team Size: Team rosters will consist of a minimum of eight (8) players plus one (1) goalkeeper and a maximum of sixteen (16) players including 2 goalies.

1.3 Dead Line: The 2020 World Cups are opened to the Inline Hockey Teams from all the National Federations affiliated with the WORLD SKATE provided that they confirm their entry prior to: 1st March 2020. Teams must confirm their registration by returning the Application Form in attach email to: with cc to: Communication with only one team representative!!! Preliminary application 31st January 2021 Deadline for application 1st March 2021.

1.4 Nationality of Players: players should be of the same nationality as the Team they are playing for. All participating Team members will be required to prove appropriate nationality and age at the World Cup Meeting prior to the scheduled games, by a valid passport issued from the Country being represented. ID card with mention of nationality will be accepted.

1.5 Referees: Each participating Team should supply a Referee (over 38) able to do the job at a good level, according to the spirit of Masters World Cup. If unable to supply a referee, please inform WORLD SKATE INLINE HOCKEY TECHNICAL COMMISSION.

1.6 Financial Conditions: each participating Team will be responsible for its own travelling, lodging and living expenses. The entry fee to be paid directly by transfer by the National Federation to: M.I.H.W.A. (Masters In Line Hockey World Association) is: 50,00€ (Euro) each player.

Bank:  INTESA SAN PAOLO, Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 10 20121 MILANO (ITALY)
IBAN: IT82 G030 6909 6061 0000 0150 520

1.7 Structure of the Masters World Cups: Masters World Cups will be structured to give the attending Teams maximum games and fun. No more than 2 games/day. Depending on the number of teams, the organization may plan different pools. WORLD SKATE In line Hockey Committee will allow:

• 3 points to a team winning game
• 1 point to each team in a tie game
• 0 point to a team losing a game

1.8 Rules of the Game: WORLD SKATE Inline Hockey Technical Commission shall have full governing control over the Masters World Cups, which must be played in accordance with

WORLD SKATE Technical Inline Hockey Rules of the Game
WORLD SKATE Administrative Rules

1.9 With the registration at Masters and Veterans World Cup Tournament, athletes, staff and leadership of each team, acknowledge and accept that the Organization won’t be responsible for any damages or accidents that may occur to anybody during the event. The organization provides a first-aid service on the field and if necessary, will help to organize transport to the nearest Hospital in Bad Tölz. All expenses related to ambulances, hospital stays, treatments, medicines or medical and health equipment, have to be paid and covert by the injured person or by his team. It’s therefore suggested to all teams to subscribe a good insurance to cover accidents, medical expenses and hospitalization.







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