Deutschland Report: Team Germany Promising New Faces Join Core Team, Coach Very Happy!

  • Date: March 25, 2023
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The returning Masters Silver Medal team are preparing diligently and efficiently for their return to the MIHWA World Cup event.  Last year, in a spectacular run of amazing form and outstanding hockey, they shook off their previous record at Masters level, to arrive as strong contenders for the Gold.  Alas, they came up against the indefatigable French, but were none-the-less beaming with pride for their launch into the very top of Masters Inline Hockey. Now they need to think as serious potential winners, so preparations are in intense mode with less than two months to go before the puck drops for the 2023 World Cup.
Manager Christian Mader is feeling very happy about their progress towards this ambitious goal:
"The core of the team is staying together which we are very happy about because we obviously got very close sharing last year’s experience and success. There are a couple of promising new faces in our team, which we are excited to see perform their best to make the team."
Their coach for over 10 years, Chris is arranging trials and camps in some iconic inline and roller venues across Germany.  The first two in Oberhausen and Assenheim-Frankfurt.  Chris stated: "Assenheim is a legendary spot with a very good Roller-hockey culture, we are next due to have a final camp end of April in Düsseldorf".
The saying goes that "the wider the base, the taller the peak", so Chris and his team will be hoping to build a Zugspitze in their camps before arriving in the beautiful Dolomites of Tyrolean Italy.  There will be plenty of peaks there to challenge them, both outside in the stunning mountains, and in the Intercable Arena, home to the Giants of Inline Hockey in every sense of the word in 8 weeks time.
"Last year's games were all very close results, so for another good result we have to be very disciplined and work very hard... I believe that these are actually our best qualities!  I hope to go as far as possible and achieving another medal would be great, but we are humble enough to know how difficult it is to get there".
"Independently from the result, I’m personally looking forward to see everyone in this amazing location and I know so are all my teammates."
We are all looking forward to seeing what these amazing German climbers are capable of, and excited to see what peaks they can conquer during their ascent up the tables towards Inline Hockey greatness. Tighten your knots and adjust your gear, the Germans are coming, and they build to win!





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