A New King and a New team in Great Britain! The Three Lions send three teams for the first time!

  • Date: May 9, 2023
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GB are pleased to be sending 3 teams to represent GB at this year's tournament.  Team GB have been represented every year at these games since the very first edition back in 2010, when they hosted the event in Bisley.  Since that time they have improved steadily as an organisation, and the teams are slowly progressing towards top three finishes.  Now they have another chance to prove themselves in the Legends over 50s category.  Their perennial coach and leader Simon Hehir feels confident in their preparation this year:  “The lads are prepared and looking forward to the tournament, and with the inclusion of dedicated team physiotherapists to look after the old boys, and backed up in the locker room by the by the young equipment manager JC, I feel confident in a good result”.

This year, team GB has assembled a Legends team with Jason Coles acting as player coach.  He has a number of experienced players from past tournaments in his roster, who bring their knowledge and understanding of this tournament with them, even though it will be their first test at this age category.  They will likely recognise many of the same old boys from other teams, as we have all “grown up” and advanced through this last decade and more of Masters Inline Hockey.

Simon, who goes by the callsign “Hehiry”, states that Team GB still face some challenges. “Our vets are surprisingly short on numbers this year, but not short of strong characters.  We will be looking at the legends old stars to assist with numbers and bolster the Vets lines as needed”…” This effort will be led by the returning formidable figure of Craig Findlow captaining the team, alongside the highly skilled and experienced Mike Gibbons and Steve Carwardine assisting”. 

The GB Vets teams will be coached by Hehiry himself, and with characters like John Cadwallender in the team it is bound to be an entertaining trip!  The masters are also being coached by Hehiry, and have ambitions to improve on the 5th place from last year.  This may be a challenge for the Youngest division from the British Islands, as some of their most talismanic players from last year, the controversial talent Marcel Mally and the outstanding goaltending skills of James Tanner are unavailable.  Hehiry remains optimistic: “We are debuting some experienced rookies this year, and with this fresh injection of talent within the GB ranks, the team should be exciting to watch and we are all confident with the team put together.  The whole team are looking forward to the tournament and feeling ready to go!”

MIHWA is certainly excited to see this classic federation represent their nation once again at the Masters, Veterans and now Legends level.  Their progress is undeniable, and their injection of style and character  are just what this tournament thrives upon.  Their fans and supporters are among the most active and enthusiastic across all media, and their presence from the very beginning is a testament to their British Bulldog spirit.  Listen out for their team singing out every anthem “God save the King”, and maybe we will see another coronation this year, of a GB team with their own crown of gold!



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